Bernard Hiller has been an Actor, Producer, Director, CEO Trainer & Success Coach for the past 30 years. His revolutionary technique has created artistic leaders around the world! The studio’s commitment is to help you become the actor you were born to be.

Cameron Diaz

“Thank you Bernie for starting my career. I couldn’t have done it without you.” – ‘The Mask’, with Jim Carrey

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Our worldwide goal is to help you discover & develop your gifts beyond your own expectations!

  “If You Don’t Invest In Yourself – Nobody Will Invest In You.”

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International Classes

INTERNATIONAL MASTERCLASSES: Travel, grow and learn with some of the finest artists from around the world. Leave your comfort zones and become the artist you should be. Click Here

Los Angeles Classes

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING & SKYPE SESSIONS: Take your Acting or Dynamic public speaking to the highest level. Study from anywhere in the world. Click Here  #1 Reason People Don’t Succeed VIDEO

Bernard hiller Online Hollywood Studio

HOW TO LIVE “AN OSCAR WINNING LIFE” – BUSINESS SEMINARS: Click Here“Inside the GOLDEN GLOBES 2018” Click Here Do You Have The Courage to Succeed? VIDEO

Speaker Skills

CEO TRAINER & DYNAMIC SPEAKING: Become a powerful, persuasive, passionate and dynamic speaker. Change your thinking – Change your life. Let the Star maker, make a Star Speaker out of you! Click Here

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“Career Changing” Masterclasses in LA 



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 “I haven’t seena class like this in 50 years…” Bruce Dern– 2 X Academy Award Nominee 

   Samuel L Jackson- “Bernard’s the real deal”  Inside the Masterclass- Click Here

Private One On One Coaching

Taught by Bernard in Beverly Hills, California.

  • Learn how to make choices and give unforgettable performances.
  • Career consultations – Success is not an accident. “If you fail to plan – You plan to fail.”
  • Become a Dynamic Public Speaker. 
  • Skype Sessions – Now, train from anywhere in the world.
  • Find your true Authenticity!

If we’re seeing you acting- You’re doing it wrong.

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Introduction To The Technique

Sandra De Sousa. TUESDAYS 3:00 – 6:30pm. Starts Feb 13.

  • Learn the unique Hiller Film Acting & Success Method, which focuses on how to succeed in this business. “Having talent is not enough.”
  •  Bernard will also teach some of the classes.
  • 6 Weeks Group Classes.

“We are committed to making you become the artist you need to be.”

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Advance Scene Study

Bernard Hiller. THURSDAYS: 3:00 – 6:30pm. Starts Feb 15.

  • Learn the Acting & Success Technique which is shaking the industry in over 20 countries.
  • Are you ready to get to your next level?
  • 6 Weeks Group Classes
  • Group Classes held at the Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA.

“Find your inner genius.” 

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    Information about CEO’s Training + Dynamic Speaking Coaching Click Here

#1Stop Acting, Start Living by Bernard Hiller Available on Amazon + Audio Version

Stop Acting – Start Living” is 35 years of Performing, Directing, Producing, Writing and Teaching experience. Bernard Hiller has worked with Jeff Goldblum, LL Cool J, Lionel Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Emma Robert, Jamie Dornan, Vanessa Hughes, AR Rahman, Billy Crystal, Susan Boyle, Jennifer Garner and many others around the globe. He has taught in over 18 countries.  Bernard was also Cameron Diaz first acting teacher, and coached her to win the star making role in “The Mask”, with Jim Carrey, which launched her career. As an actor Bernard worked with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. Dynamic Speaking Coaching CLICK HERE

Revolutionary techniques have changed the careers of artists and business leaders around the world. 

There has never been a book available that takes the acting and success techniques of a Hollywood star-maker, and teaches people how to become stars in their own lives, and career. THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR DESTINY! Bernard is the only coach who combines acting techniques, life coaching and success training in an entirely different and unique way. Many Hollywood stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson recommend him as the premier acting teacher in town. We are excited to announce, that “Stop Acting – Start Living” is also available in 7 LANGUAGES and now on Audible!! –  English – Spanish – German – Italian – Russian – Audible   30 Academy Award Winners or Nominees have spoken at his Masterclasses! GUEST LIST CLICK HERE

International Masterclasses

London, England Masterclass

Feb. 5 – 9, 2018

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Los Angeles Masterclass

Feb. 20 – 25, 2018

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LA International Masterclass

Mar. 6 – 11, 2018

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