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Here are some of the actors Bernard has coached to success!

Performer, Susan Boyle says to The Mirror, “I went to a course run by a fantastic man called Bernard Hiller. He was brilliant. It was a masterclass in acting that was based in London for four days. He’s worked with some of the best people in Hollywood and he taught us how to resolve performance nerves and self discovery as well as inside-outside acting and how to be public with private emotions. It was brilliant and it’s really helped with my performance on stage as well.” CLICK HERE

Ellen Cullivan says, “Thank you, so much, for such an enlightening, intense, inspiring, riveting, life -changing, educational moment, in my life.”

Listed below: Concrete, solid evidence, of a new confidence gained, through Bernard’s training. A preparedness mind frame , and renewed self-discovery, through, looking at one’s life history, combined with the awareness & awakenings, directly experienced, and gained, by taking The Miami- Master Class, resulting in; Worked on: 3 Movies, 2 TV Series, 2 Commercials, 1 Music Video, 1 Webisode.


Madalina Diana Ghenea- “Condemned to Love” 
Costa Ronin – “The Americans” Series Regular
Rick Cosnett – “The Flash”  Series Regular
LL Cool J – “NCIS Los Angeles” LEAD
Suki Waterhouse – “Bad Batch” LEAD
Azure Parsons- “The Astronaut Wives Club” LEAD
Jeff Goldblum – “Adam Resurrected” LEAD
Emma Roberts – “American Horror Story” LEAD
Raquel Gardner – “Agents Of Shield” Guest Star
Vanessa Hudgens- “2 1/2 Men” Guest Star
Jennifer Garner- “Neutrogena”  Commercial
Adrian Gaeta- “Dirty” LEAD
Fran Gilhooley- “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Co-Star
Evan Peters – “American Horror Story” LEAD
John Posey – “How To Get Away With Murder” Guest Star
Emilio Rivera – “Sons Of Anarchy” Series Regular
Paul Barrett – “The Queen” Co-Star
Madalina Diana Ghenea- “Youth” Dir. Paolo Sorrentino
Chanté Bowser – “Anacostia” Guest Star
Karen Strassman – “The Ruins” Guest Star
Sarah Ann Shultz – “The River Murders” LEAD
Magdalena McNab – “When Tears Have Fallen” LEAD
Toni Garrn – “Under The Bed” Co-Star
Kelly Washington – “Jurassic World” Guest Star
Bernd Capitain – “Under Women” LEAD
Roxanne Duran – “Witnesses” LEAD
Timur Bartels – “Where Are You Going Habibi?” LEAD…

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