Ibiza Masterclass

“The only way to grow as an artist is to experience something new”

Special Guests

Bernard’s unique classes give you an opportunity to discover the acting process in ways you never knew were possible. You must leave your comfort zones to become the actor you could be. Once you take an International Masterclass, you get a chance to discover the culture, the people and learn with some of the finest actors from around the world. Make friendships that will last a lifetime. This will be a career and life changing experience. Whether you take an acting class in Los Angeles or in another location, know that you will learn from some of the most influential artists in Hollywood and abroad.  Check for Updates on Los Angeles Acting MasterClasses, London Acting MasterClasses & Rome Acting Masterclasses. You can see our full world tour list at International acting classes. 


“Celebrating the acting craft!” In one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

Dates TBD

SPECIAL GUESTS: Casting Directors Margarita Rodríguez and Carmen Utrilla (Sesión Contínua)

 A class that will change your career. 

Programa de la Masterclass Internacional de Ibiza 2017

Dia 1
Por la mañana:
– Clase de Zumba – Conectar con tu talento que está dentro de tu cuerpo
– Intensos ejercicios personales que te ayudaran a superar tus bloqueos y miedos
Por la tarde:
– Aprender cómo dar una interpretación inolvidable
– Cómo tener una carrera internacional
Dia 2
Por la mañana:
– Clase de Zumba – Conectar con tu talento que está dentro de tu cuerpo
– Calentamiento físico especial para ayudarte a acceder a diferentes partes de tu cuerpo
– Ejercicios emocionales para ayudarte a ser el actor que necesitas ser
Por la tarde:
– Aprender como acceder a tus emociones para que las puedas usar en tus escenas
– Deja de pensar y empieza a actuar desde tu corazón e instintos
Dia 3
Por la mañana:
– Clase de Zumba – Conectar con tu talento que está dentro de tu cuerpo
– Encontrar nuevas técnicas que te liberen como artista
– Crear un plan de futuro. El éxito no es un accidente
Por la tarde:
– Trabajar en escenas usando el quinto nivel de verdad. Basado en el libro de interpretación de Bernard
– Aprender a hacer elecciones poderosas para tu interpretación
Day 4
Por la mañana:
– Clase de Zumba – Conectar con tu talento que está dentro de tu cuerpo
– Un ejercicio para descubrir tu poder interior
– Cómo usar la improvisación en tu trabajo
Por la tarde:
– Escenas, Escenas, Escenas
– Descubrir la felicidad de ser un artista
English Schedule
Day 1
– Morning Dance Class – to get in touch with your talent which is inside your body.
– Intense personal exercises which helps you overcome your blocks and fears.
– Learning how to give an unforgettable performance.
– Lecture on how to have an international career.
Day 2
– Special physical Warm-Up to help you access different parts of yourself.
– Emotional exercise to help you becoming the actor you need to be.
– Learning how to access your emotions so you can use them in your scenes.
– Stop thinking and start acting from your heart and instincts.
Day 3
-Finding a technique that sets you free as an artist.
– Lecture on creating a plan for your future. Success is not an accident.
– Working on scenes using the fifth level of truth. Based on Bernard’s acting book.
– Learn how to make powerful choices for your performance.
Day 4
– An exercise to discover your inner power.
– How to use improvisation in your work.
– Scene work, Scene work, Scene work.
– Finding the joy of being an artist.
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Previous Guests – Jeremy Irons speaks to the class. Best actors will be invited to the career changing L.A. Masterclass, August 15 -20 2017 where they will meet the top Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors. Class met Al Pacino who screened SALOME and also top Casting Directors and Producers in Hollywood. Previous Guests BAZ LUHRMANN and VANESSA REDGRAVE. 

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